Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco’s rumored break up because of Kaye Abad

Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco, most usually referred as the Melason, is currently facing a rough time in their relationship. They have allegedly broke up because of a third party who was named to be Kaye Abad.

Both Melai and Jason were alumni of the phenomenal reality show Pinoy Big Brother, and Melai being named as the Big Winner in their batch. Their romantic-comedy love story started during their stay inside the PBB house. The two of them have charmed thousands of viewers and has endeared them to the people’s heart. Most people believed that they were meant for each other.

However, as they have faced the real world outside the PBB house, they have faced a lot of intrigues and controversies that tried their love and faith for each other. And recently, they were placed once again in a hot seat  as they were being intrigued to have allegedly broken up because of Kaye Abad, who is presently working with Jason in the ABS-CBN afternoon soap Angelito.

In the entertainment blog site, Melai Cantiveros first admitted that she and Jason has not talked for a week now.  She admitted that they had a misunderstanding that is yet to be resolved. However, she did not mention the reason of the misunderstanding.

Based sa pag-uusap naming dalawa, inamin ni Melai na humigit-kumulang isang linggo na silang hindi nag-uusap ni Jason. Nagkatampuhan daw kasi sila, kung anuman yung eksaktong naging dahilan ng misunderstanding nila, ibalato na lang po natin sa kanila. Diretsahan ko rin siyang tinanong about the Kaye-Jason issue, at sinabi niyang wala siyang alam tungkol dito. Hindi niya rin ito masasagot, at hindi rin siya makakapagbigay ng pahayag about it dahil nga hindi naman sila nagkaka-usap na ni Jason.


As to Kaye-Jason issue, the comedy actress said that she doesn’t know anything about it. Also, she wasn’t able to talk to Jason regarding the matter because they haven’t talked to each other yet.

One believed reason for the misunderstanding between the two is that Jason is much more sweeter to the other girls than  his girlfriend Melai. Melai also expressed that Jason needs to be a gentleman.

Dama ko lang din sa pag-uusap namin ng Prinsesa ng Masa ang tampo niya dahil nabanggit niya na nakakalungkot dahil mas sweet daw si Jason sa iba kesa sa kanya – na girlfriend nito. Kailangan daw ay maging gentleman si Jason.


The thousands of Melason fans are hoping for the couple to resolve and patch whatever misunderstanding they have right now.

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